In order to start your internship, you need to have a signed school contract. It is one of the most important documents, because without it the hotel won't allow you to start your internship.


  1. The INTERNSHIP CONTRACT from your school must be in Spanish (The Spanish law only accepts stagiers with a Spanish CONVENIO DE PRACTICAS.)
  2. The word in Spanish for an INTERNSHIP CONTRACT is CONVENIO DE PRACTICAS. These words are really important.
  3. You should put in your CONVENIO DE PRACTICAS the amount of money you will receive during the internship.
  4. The CONVENIO DE PRACTICAS must always include:
  • Original paper from your school
  • Original signature from your internship coordinator or teacher
  • Original signature from you as a student
  • Original stamp from your school

We need internship certificate to be sure that your school allows you to do the internship.

Your school must fill the first sheet of the certificate (the Spanish version) and send it back to your hotel.

This certificate is very important for us, so make sure that your school will sign it by time - otherwise you can not start your internship.

To start your internship you need to upload a copy of your European Health Card.

Afterwards you need to take the original with you to Spain in order to benefit from the coverage in case of an accident.

The manager of the hotel needs a copy from your Private Insurance with:

  • Liability Insurance

  • Repatriation

  • Own Risk Insurance

Afterwards, you need to take the original Private Insurance form with you at the day that you arrive, including all the other documents you need.

Why do you need the private insurance?

During your internship, you're alone abroad, there are other laws and regulations in force. Doctor visits and hospital stays are very expensive in Spain. To be prepared for all possible situations and to avoid any nasty surprises, you should be well secured. The European Health Insurance Card does not protect you at all events, therefore you should have a private insurance to save money in the case of an emergency.

The manager of the hotel needs a Medical Report where it's written that you can carry out the internship and that you don't have any chronic illness or pending surgery.

Your family doctor will give this to you free of charge.

The Medical Report can't be older than a month from your internship. It must be uploaded in your personal Animafest page before your departure.

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