The history of Spain is one of the most fascinating in the world and Spanish history and culture has helped to shape the modern world into what it is today. Although Spain is a relatively small territory located in southwestern Europe, the history of Spain is of grandeur and is strikingly different from that of the rest of the continent.

The Spanish society has a very particular way of living life. Spaniards love to enjoy their fiestas and mid-day siestas, dressing up in the latest fashion, enjoying tapas in the numerous bars that are located throughout the city or dining on traditional Spanish food with friends and family. The phrase "Spain is different" is commonly heard and reflects the laid back attitude and passion for enjoying all that life has to offer. That is a defining characteristic of Spanish culture.

Thinking about Spain, one thing will always come to your mind: The Flamenco. It is a genuine southern Spanish art form. It exists in three forms: El Cante - the song, El Baile - the dance, and La Guitarra - the guitar playing.

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