The Ensaïmada is a pastry product from Mallorca, Spain.

It is a common cuisine eaten in most former Spanish territories in Latin America and the Philippines

The first written references to the Majorcan ensaïmada date back to the 17th century. At that time, although wheat flour was mainly used for making bread, there is evidence that this typical pastry product was made for festivals and celebrations.

Canarian wrinkly potatoes is a traditional baked potato dish eaten in the Canary Islands. They are usually served with a pepper sauce, called Mojo, or as an accompaniment to meat dishes.

The dish is made from small new potatoes which are cleaned (but not peeled), then boiled in water and then baked in their skins until they become shrivelled.

If you walk down the center of any Spanish city, but particularly through Madrid, on any morning, you will see the churrerías filled with people, either who have gotten up recently or those who are about to go to bed. It is said that churros and chocolate are an especially good remedy for hangovers.

A churro is a fried-dough pastry. Churros are popular in Spain, France, the Philippines, Portugal, Ibero-America and the Southwestern United States. In Spain, churros can either be thin (and sometimes knotted) or long and thick. They are normally eaten for breakfast dipped in champurrado or café con leche.

Calçot is a type of scallion or green onion known as blanca gran tardana in the Catalan language from Lleida, Catalonia

Calçots are milder and less bulbous than onions and have a length of between 15 and 25 cm (white part) and a diameter of 1.7 to 2.5 cm at the root. Planted in trenches, like an onion, as a single bulb, and successively increasing the depth of the soil around the stems throughout autumn and winter, they sprout into 4-10 shoots, roughly the shape of small leeks.

Paella is a traditional Valencian rice dish that originated in its modern form in the mid-19th century near the Albufera lagoon, a coastal lagoon in Valencia, on the east coast of Spain

The dish is widely regarded as Spain's national dish, as well as a regional Valencian dish; Valencians regard paella as one of their identifying symbols. Types of paella include Valencian paella, seafood paella and mixed paella, but there are many others as well. Valencian paella is believed to be the original recipe and consists of white rice, green beans, meat (chicken and rabbit), white beans ,snails, and seasoning such as saffron and rosemary.

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