Why should you choose Animafest Experience?

While you are organizing your stay abroad, it is important that you can rely on good advice and support. Therefore, safety, reliability and accessibility are our top priority. Apart from the professional component, we also want your stay to be a memorable one. Besides, the service of Animafest Experience is completely free.

✓ Years of experience

With over 15 years of experience we are benefiting from our acquired knowledge. Our international team consists of many native speakers from different countries all around Europe.

✓ Personal support

From the first sign-in until your departure back home you are supported by our team. During your whole stay abroad, we will provide you with the best support that we can offer, no matter if it is about general questions or other problems. With our online platform we have a 24 hours overview about everything that is going on regarding your internship.

✓ Uncomplicated application

Thanks to our sophisticated system you can get your internship in a very short time. Since we cooperate together with over 400 hotels we are able to offer you internships all year long. Once you've signed up on our home page, we have already started searching the best internship place for you. Just as we have news you'll be informed immediately.

✓ Customized organisation

We organize your stay abroad completely according to your wishes. You decide when, where and how long you want to do your internship. We will provide you with offers and then you choose what you want to do.

Internship Offers