Why should you do an internship abroad and with Animafest?

There are many good reasons, why you should do your internship abroad. Those are the most important advantages:

After your internship abroad, you will:

  • improve your Spanish and English skills
  • meet many international students
  • find new friends
  • gain work experience abroad
  • get to know foreign cultures
  • have free accommodation and free meals in most of our hotels
  • gain such skills as independence, self-initiative, communication and flexibility
  • make international contacts and connections
  • pep up your CV

All the aforementioned points play an important role in your career path. By getting them, you will be successful on the job market and competitive in professional life.

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An internship abroad will have a great impact on your personality and social life. The experience you get, will stay forever and you will greatly benefit from it in many aspects of your life. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today and enjoy an amazing time of your life!

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