Duration: 3 to 6 months

You will have clients from all over the world, mainly serving them for check-ins and check-outs. In case they need any information or face some problem, you will have to assist them and give some advice.

You will have to know:

  • the general hotel status control;
  • guests;
  • arrivals and check-in;
  • departures and check-out;
  • available rooms;
  • occupied rooms;
  • bookings and reservations;
  • forecast.

Tasks that you need to do during your internship:

  • providing precise information;
  • processing guests requests (parking, safe, etc.) in person, by phone, email or fax;
  • changing currencies;
  • selling excursions;
  • translating documents;
  • elaborating tourist guides.

  You will be able to correctly charge the customer:

  • for the provided services in time and according to the response time standards
  • to square the cash balance at each shift change
  • as well as collecting the cash charged at reception at the close of a shift

Eventually, you will learn how to manage concepts and conversations in the service area of the reception/front office, and your Spanish language will be improved in the reception field.

What to do during your free time?

When you make your internship abroad, you are far away from your home, however, it is a great experience that can happen only once in your life. So, for taking the best from this experience, you should try to spend your free time with pleasure and adventures: discover new places, learn more about local traditions, meet new people and try new activities. Also you can travel in new country where you can visit cultural places which have history and are very important for local people.

Requirements for this internship:

Fluent English and Spanish.

In many of our destinations it is required:

  • English-French Spanish
  • German-English-Spanish
  • Russian-English-Spanish

Open to work in different shifts: Morning-Afternoon-Night.


  • Free accommodation
  • Free meals
  • You will receive between 200 and 300 euro per month

Additionally you can receive Erasmus+

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