Duration: 3 to 6 months.

Your main responsibility is to entertain people by organazing different games, making shows and providing many activities.

This position is based on attracting guests of the hotel in participating in the activities.
An intern has to be flexible to work with different groups of people: children, teenagers, adults, etc, in order to organize activities that will unite guests with the surroundings and community.
An intern will have to organize entertainment programs, connected with interests and preferences of guests and provide them enjoyable free time. In order to have good-structured activities, an intern has to coordinate with other departments of the hotel to get all the equipment needed.
This internship will give student an opportunity to acquire the most important skills in area of animation. An intern can improve Spanish language in the field of entertainment and develop communication skills outside the workplace environment.

Requirement for this internship:

  • Fluent English

In many of our destinations it is required:

  •  French-English-Spanish
  •  German-English-Spanish
  •  Russian-English-Spanish

Open to work in different shifts: Morning-Afternoon-Night.


  • Free accommodation
  • Free meals
  • You will receive between 200 and 300 euro per month

Additionally you can receive Erasmus+

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