Duration: 3 to 6 months.

If you like being a part of a team, searching for new strategies and promotion, and you speak several languages, so this position in the marketing department is a right place you.

For this internship, you have to have good communication skills, work in friendly atmosphere, suggest new ideas to innovate Animafest. For getting experience and new knowledge in this field, an intern has to show the desire to work, try to do as much as he or she can. 

We expect from students that they can solve problems and act professionally in each situation. An intern will represent not only your country but also your school, hotel and Animafest Experience. During this internship you have to be able to work under pressure. We expect you to be patient and friendly even in stressful situations.

What to do during your free time?

When you make your internship abroad, you are far away from your home, however, it is a great experience that can happen only once in your life. So, for taking the best from this experience, you should try to spend your free time with pleasure and adventures: discover new places, learn more about local traditions, meet new people and try new activities. Also you can travel in new country where you can visit cultural places which have history and are very important for local people. 

For avoiding homesickness, you should enjoy the atmosphere around and collect wonderful memories from your international experience. 

Requirement for this internship:

  • Fluent English

In many of our destinations it is required:

  • French-English-Spanish
  • German-English-Spanish
  • Russian-English-Spanish

You can receive Erasmus+

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How to get the internship ?

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